Take your first step
towards better

Introducing the new secured card from EP Financial. Improve your credit score while you live your everyday life.


Build your credit with our
secured card

Accepted everywhere

A credit card for people like you and me. Use your secured card everywhere that Visa is accepted.

Improve your credit

Together we can rebuild your credit with regular ontime payments and EP’s support, each step of the way.

Clear affordable fees

We offer affordable, easy-to-make payments and instant decisions on applications.

Take your security seriously

Our number one priority is your security. Stay secure with chip, pin, and tap technologies.

How it works

  • Getting the card
    Apply online to get your card. All you need is a piece of identification and 5 minutes.
  • Using the card
    Start by funding your card with an initial deposit of at least $300. After that, spend your credit anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Rebuilding credit
    Make regular monthly payments to improve your credit health. Improved credit health gives you more options in the future.

Be your best financial self

Everyday People Financial was founded on the belief that everybody deserves access to credit.

Our team makes your financial journey our number one priority because we believe that everyone deserves access to credit.

Take the first step towards better credit

All you need to apply is your personal information and valid proof of identity such as a driver’s licence or passport.