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A family sitting on the floor of their living room with their young daughter, who's wearing big chunky black glasses, learning about financial literacy.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is vital to maintaining financial health and awareness. Some aspects of financial literacy are common, while others are more unfamiliar. To help you

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lady sitting on the stairs wearing a grey turtleneck thinking about debt anxiety and recovery

Debt Anxiety and Recovery

Feeling financially unstable can cause debt anxiety. Constantly thinking and worrying about debt is a sure-fire way to create extra stress on yourself. Being aware

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Meet Roselem Ignacio

Meet Roselem Ignacio, EP’s Manager of Operations. Her role supports the day-to-day operations of our Client Care team for all the business lines at Everyday

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man looking at lake thinking of ways to save this summer

Ways to save this summer

Inflation and the rise of interest rates have hit Canadians’ wallets hard—but, there are still ways to save this summer. Saving by putting money away

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