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Team Spotlight: Roselem

Meet Roselem, EP’s Manager of Operations. Her role supports the day-to-day operations of our Client Care team for all the business lines at Everyday People Financial Inc., as well as all EP clients.

To us she is Rose, to some of her close friends she is Lem, but growing up everyone called her Roselem—a combination of both her grandmother’s and grandfather’s names.

When Rose was younger, she wanted to be a nurse like many other kids in the Philippines, but as she got older her ambitions changed towards becoming a teacher. Although her current title doesn’t directly state ‘teacher’, it is reflected in the way she has organically grown into a mentor.

Mentoring in both formal and informal ways, Rose doesn’t hesitate to share the best practices of the customer support industry. Her mentors taught her and now she is paying it forward, feeling the biggest reward is when she sees her proteges succeed.

“Going back to all of the people that I worked with and seeing them progress and move to the next level, that’s the biggest highlight for me.”

Rose’s intention is to change how the customer service industry operates.

Having learned from her own mentors it’s not just about the customers using the product, Rose believes you have to take care of your people too.

The industry picked me

Rose didn’t seek out a role in customer service. In fact, her background is in communications engineering where she climbed telecommunications towers—including one that was 200 feet tall!

At 21, Rose was looking for more independence, so she landed a role as a technical support representative.

“Initially I didn’t really want to do it because I knew I’m an engineer based on my education, but ended up doing it because I got to help people—I liked that.”

Her dedication to helping people, and unquestionable leadership, got Rose promoted quickly from associate to her current role as an Operations Manager in only a few short years.

When first moving to Canada from the Philippines, Rose worked in Toronto for a couple of years.

Her COO at the time assigned her to their biggest client, which happened to be Samsung account. They were not happy with the company’s performance, and Rose was asked to move them out of the red zone in 3 months’ time.

She and her team managed to not only win the client back, but they achieved all KPI targets, saved the business, and most importantly helped everyone keep their jobs.  

Outside of the office

In the Philippines, Rose would host annual events through an organization that worked with both the elderly and young orphaned children. 

She would collect donations with her colleagues and organize a celebration for them every year—a tradition that has continued even in her absence.

Giving back has always been important to Rose, as she has been blessed with many things in life. In Canada, she was thinking of getting involved with rescues for pets as there are a lot of fosters needed.

Outside of charitable work, Rose enjoys baking. Cheesecakes are currently her favourite to make, but she has been considering trying different types of cakes as well.  

In addition to making delicious treats, Rose does foreign exchange, a type of day trading. In the evenings, she’ll analyze graphs to help her determine what she wants to try the following day.

With all this on the go, it’s no wonder Rose won EP’s 2022 Night Owl Award—so, when she has spare time, Rose is having a well-deserved rest and catching up on her sleep.

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