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Top 3 New Year Resolutions

It’s almost the new year and many are thinking about their new year resolutions.

While this can be very subjective, there are 3 resolutions that seem to make the top of many people’s lists every year.

We’ve looked at some of the most popular new year resolutions over the years. 


This category can be broken down into its own top 3 new year resolutions: physical health, mental health and financial health.

Physical health is usually defined by going to the gym or working out in some form. Some people sign up to play on a team, while others choose to do a solo activity like swimming or skating.

This resolution can also be broken down into a combination of exercise and healthy eating, or even just nutrition in general. You could even start just incorporating more greens into your diet… a salad a day keeps the doctor away? Maybe add some protein?

Mother and daughter making a healthy meal in the kitchen working on their top3 new year resolutions

Mental health is another area many people are starting to prioritize. This can mean meditating, or even setting boundaries with friends or family members that don’t have a positive effect on you. Remember to fill your own cup first.

Making a mental health new year’s resolution can also involve going to therapy, or not working so much and enjoying more time doing something that helps you relax.

Another version of this resolution is financial health. Our blog Financial Literacy is a great resource for identifying different aspects of financial health and how you can work towards becoming your best financial self. 


A book a month—how many times have we heard that? It’s one of the most popular new year’s resolutions, and for good reason!

One great way to commit to doing this is by joining or starting a book club. Having a group that holds you accountable and that you can discuss the book with will help engage you more.

These days, many people also listen to audiobooks. This is a great option is you don’t have time to sit and read. You could listen while you clean, commute to work or while you are out for a walk.

If you are concerned about spending money on buying new books all the time, get a library card! Many cities and towns have libraries in them and if you don’t finish your book in the original time you requested the book for, you could always renew it.

Another great thing about books is that they are a great present to ask for no matter what time of year it is! A great way to pick up a book at a fraction of the price is from a book swap or buy and sell groups.

Want to go digital? Get an e-reader. You can borrow ebooks from most libraries.


Many people are concerned about their spending and money management, that’s why this resolution is top of mind for many.

Our blog Financial Literacy covers topics like budget, debt management and credit scores, so you can make better decisions when it comes to your finances.

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