When will my card arrive?

Your card and PIN are sent to you separately through the mail, via Canada Post. Once you have fulfilled the security deposit requirement of the card, we will immediately ship your card. Delivery through Canada Post will take roughly 5-15 business days.

Is there a limit on my card?

The limit on your EP secured card will be equal to the amount of the security deposit you pay towards the card. You can raise the limit on your card by increasing the security deposit. The minimum limit on a secured card is $300 and the maximum limit is $5,000.

Does the card have any fees or interest?

You can view the full list of card fees here.
– Page 2 of the card agreement: https://www.epfinancial.com/static/EPFINANCIAL%20CARDHOLDER%20AGREEMENT-86fd5db41ecbd37e62959a5f70b5f36e.pdf

How does the secured card help me improve my credit?

It’s easy. Simply use your card for regular day to day expenses. Make your monthly payments on or before your due date, every month. EP Financial will report your account and your payment status to two major credit bureaus. This will help you on your way to building up a positive credit history.